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Sorptionsmittel für den Einsatz in verschiedenen industriellen Anwendungen | Sorbents for use in various industrial applications


With activated carbon, we have built up our business and gradually expanded it to include additional sorbents for use in various industrial applications. We can now rely on a worldwide network of manufacturers of various products.

  • Activated carbon as pellets, granules or powder
  • Carbon molecular sieves (SMS for N2 and H2 extraction)
  • Honeycombs
  • Iron powder and iron pellets
  • Silica gels
  • Activated alumina
  • Molecular sieves
  • Deoxo Catalyst
  • more products on demand

REACH Compliance

acantra GmbH fulfills the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) for the registration, evaluation, approval and restriction of chemical substances and has registered special products.