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Qualitätssicherung | Quality assurance | iStock

Quality assurance

In our own laboratory or - if appropriate - in cooperation with partner laboratories in Germany we test raw materials and products of new manufacturers before placing an order for the first time.

Activated carbon analyses

  • Bulk and tap density (DIN EN ISO 787 make 12)
  • Water content (DIN 51718)
  • Ash content (DIN 51719)
  • Volatile components (DIN 51720)
  • pH value (ASTM D3838)
  • Iodine value (AWWA B 600)
  • Benzene isotherm (calculated from cyclohexane isotherm)
  • Carbon tetrachloride adsorption / CTC (ASTM D 5742-95)
  • BET (DIN-66131)

REACH Compliance

acantra GmbH fulfills the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) for the registration, evaluation, approval and restriction of chemical substances and has registered special products.